graphic designer & web developer

My Background

My name is Kristen Kodama. I am a recent graduate of the Interactive Media Design and Production collaborative degree-diploma program between the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. The main program focused on media communications, graphic design, and web development while my electives were in the Japanese language, classical literature, video game theory, social media analysis, and writing. As a result, I have been required to research, analyze and evaluate while utilizing my problem solving abilities to complete projects. I always maintain a constant willingness to learn and adapt so I am able to grow and develop with the ever-changing media industry.

My hobbies include cooking, drawing, learning languages, reading, writing, handmade crafts, and (of course) video games. With my diverse number of interests, I will always find a project to work on!

Welcome to my digital portfolio. You can also view my digital resume here!



The Cube School of Design and Technology

October 2016 - present

I have been working at The Cube School of Design and Technology as a Multimedia Instructor and Administrative Assistant. The Cube School offers a creative learning environment where technology and design converge, focusing on three primary disciplines: video game design, programming, and robotics. We run specialized programs for kids, teens, and adults that are hands-on and project-based. I currently teach Learn to Code for HTML and CSS, Minecraft modding through Code Kingdoms, and the Adobe digital design classes. When I am not teaching classes, you can find me fulfilling a variety of administrative duties including: working on the course catalogues, lesson planning, and website management.


March 2014 - present

To supplement my schooling, I have been partaking in graphic design, web, and game-based commissions as an online content creator for BlockWorks. BlockWorks is an international team of designers, architects and animators working within a game environment. We frequently collaborate with high-profile YouTubers on a variety of projects from animations and music parodies to entire maps and worlds. With our collective experience as administrators and owners on some of Minecraft's most successful creative servers, we aim to redefine creative building in Minecraft. As a member, I have been able to develop my creative and time management skills, along with my ability to work both independently and as part of a diverse global team.

The Japanese Student Association

February 2014 - May 2015

At the University of Western Ontario, I was the Vice President of Communications for the Japanese Student Association (JSA). As the Vice President, I was responsible for managing and writing social media content as well as creating multimedia designs for club events. I also redesigned the JSA's logo, which shall be used on all official University documentation for the coming years.